FDC Departments

Each department at Food & Drug Corporation (FDC) supports the firm’s overall strategy by appropriately implementing policies and procedures and by upholding the company’s values and norms. Open communication between the management and team members across departments strengthens efficiency and delivers heightened client satisfaction. Our clear hierarchy and formal structure is coupled with a corporate culture rooted in delegation and empowerment. Every department is specialized and yet each leads, decides, supports, co-operates, interacts, analyzes, interprets, creates, conceptualizes, organizes, executes, and adapts. This results in exceptional efficiency and outstanding performance.
The marketing department is the backbone of Food & Drug Corporation (FDC). This essential department plans, implements and controls all our marketing activities. Because we believe in ‘living a brand’, each marketer is in charge of a particular portfolio. This encourages greater focus and dedication coupled with a thorough understanding of the brands and their customer base. It also paves the way for better communication since each brand has a clear contact person.
The distribution department at Food & Drug Corporation (FDC) has set up an industry leading system that facilities the distribution of our brands. Meticulously handling all the logistics, this department runs our vast fleet of trucks and strategically located depots to ensure we can efficiently and promptly reach our substantial customer base through more than 7,000 outlets all over the country.
We import a carefully selected yet vast variety of FMCG, healthcare, household and personal care products so people can enjoy the best contemporary life has to offer. We also import pharmaceuticals that can enhance and even save lives. The import department at Food & Drug Corporation (FDC) is in charge of the actual importing. This department’s promptness and in-depth understanding of international trade and local laws make this a streamlined process.
Human Resources
The human resources (HR) department plays a very strategic role at Food & Drug Corporation (FDC), as they are responsible for acquiring talents , retaining current employees while uplifting their skills through targeted learning & development cycles and providing progressive career ladders through proper succession planning. HR works on creating synergy by increasing team activities and recognizing all efforts spent contributing to the success of FDC.
The sales department is the voice of Food & Drug Corporation (FDC), with a continuous interaction with the market , the sales team projects a professional image of FDC as a whole, while fully understanding customers’ needs and providing continuous feedback to the company and delivering value proposition and maintaining brand promise.